October 14, 2019
  • 5:24 am Why People Choose to Rent Apartments In Wichita
  • 2:06 pm Ben Franklin Plumbing, a Top-Rated Wichita Plumbing Company, Announces New Post About Nearby Communities and Plumbers
  • 8:05 am City Of Wichita Names New Housing Director
  • 2:09 am Cities With Highest And Lowest Real Estate Taxes
  • 2:10 am 5 Wichita Area Open Houses To Stop By
  • 2:10 am Flash floods force people from homes, close schools and highways in central Kansas

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I was sitting on my Kansas deck reading a book. The wind blew so hard, it turned the pages on my Kindle.

Enough now on the Andrew Finch case. People know to obey officers’ orders. Keep your hands up. On to more news.

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How is it that once again the “wisdom” of the Wichita school district in building a financial boondoggle close to the eastern edge of the city limits was promoted as a wise move. Now we live we the results: failure.

“The new Southeast high school is bigger and better. So why is its graduation rate dropping?” (April 27 Kansas.com) Because throwing money at education is an abysmal failure.

Left wingers are attacking Sean Hannity because an apartment complex he owns evicted tenants for not paying their rent. Enlighten me. Is paying rent optional? What should happen to tenants who don’t pay their rent?

Of course landlords should get a property tax break for tornado damage. They own the property. Renters should get renter’s insurance.

Shipping containers for buildings. What’s next to lower Wichita’s class and standing? Used shipping crates to house the homeless? Leaving buildings that receive storm damage as is for a tourist attraction? City Council Friday night bulldozing shows?

Rep. Ron Estes does not deserve our votes. He could not stand up to Sam Brownback and remind the governor how far down the state was sliding financially.

Whose idiotic idea was it to have drive-up banking in windy Kansas, where you have to thread each bill individually into a slot in the wind? And they don’t take change at all.

If Fox News had been around when Nixon was president, he wouldn’t have left office.

Peter Schweizer’s book “Secret Empires” shows Obama cronies Joe Biden, John Kerry, George Soros and others used inside knowledge to enrich themselves while wreaking havoc with our economy. Minimal exposure by news media.

I’m buying my kids a phone that auto-corrects their texts into complete sentences.

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